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20 March 2019

How to Begin

I have a new book out, a collection of poems in Danish. It's titled Gældsætninger.

Mention of the book in Randers Netavis here (in Danish).

Mention in Randers Amtsavis here.

You can buy it here.

26 January 2019

How to Begin

I have a new book out.

Poet and visual artist Rachel Slade:
Speaking of Poetry, by author Bo Gorzelak Pedersen, explores the crisis of language within the contemporary landscape of poetry and art, as well as its philosophical repercussions on Being itself. Drawing from such interrelated topics as identity and capitalism, modern love, personality as commodity and the contamination of language, Speaking of Poetry is a well-aimed commentary on authenticity and the role of poetry in the conservation of our deepest truths as human beings. Pedersen questions what language means not only for the writer or artist in this time of 'linguistic poverty' but also for the reader and sensitive observer, the unwitting yet inevitable participant, cast adrift within the all-pervasive language of modern day consumerism. What becomes of one's Being, even of Logos itself, when deprived of the intrinsic roots that tell of 'where we have been' and therefore, who and what we are? And what remains for us to become?”

You can buy the book here.

The new issue of Art North magazine will feature an essay of mine on Joseph Beuys.

New album from Beyond Trio with one of my paintings on the cover. Available here.

11 January 2019

How to Begin

I have a book out, a Danish essay on pornography.

Kaninens sele (The Rabbit's Harness) is a philosophical essay on the cultural history of pornography and on the relationship between pornography and modernity. The author argues that the modern subject is caught between the public's demand for transparency and emotional accountability and a desire to secretly remain 'sealed' beyond the discourse of power. The essay deals with the formation of the concept of pornography, the legalization of pornography in Denmark and in the USA, and more. It is 75 pages long, heavily annotated, and written in Danish.

You can buy it here.

18 November 2018

How to Begin

I have a book out, a collection of essays on art. It's 182 pages, 21 essays in total covering everything from composers Olivier Messiaen and Gunnar Berg to Wagner's “Ring”, Italian horror director Dario Argento, German artist Joseph Beuys, books, art babble, being an artist in the 21st century, skill and technique, how to understand abstract art, Outsider Art, art on Facebook, doubt, taste, female beauty in art, how to begin making an artwork, and more.

You can buy it here.

3 November 2018

Three pages with photos from Randers added: 1, 2 and 3.

2 November 2018

Page with various portraits of me added.

1 November 2018

Institute for Alien Reserch

IFAR | Musique Concrète | Onomatopoeic | compilation has one of my tracks on it, Cave Drawing (2018). You can buy the album here.

Beyond Trio

New album from the Beyond Trio has my painting Sepultura (2016) on the cover. You can go buy the album here.

Piece of music written for me by American composer and guitarist Max Ridgway.

Video produced for the Murder at Mississippi exhibition, 2017.


Bo Gorzelak Pedersen, b. 1971. Danish writer and art critic. Degree in History of Ideas and Film and Television from the University of Aarhus. Currently lives in Lunderskov.

I am a visual artist and I have exhibited both across Europe and in the US. I primarily do paintings but I also make video art and installation art. I have had works included in juried shows.

Apart from this I also do sound art, and some of my pieces have been played on Danish national radio (DR) and included on compilations.

I have co-produced several videos, including a TV documentary. One video won second prize in a national competition.

Over the years I have self published more than 35 small collections of poetry and essays, and I have had poems included in various magazines and books.

I have collaborated internationally with other artists, composers, etc.

I have experience with doing international competitions for artists as well as charity fundraising.

I have experience with being a juror in connection with exhibitions.

I am regularly invited to come give talks at exhibition openings.

I write art reviews for a Danish monthly art magazine, Kunstavisen.

My paintings are for sale through the gallery Kunstformidlingen.

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Page with various portraits of me.

Photos from Randers page 1, 2 and 3.

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